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Regression Therapy

In Regression Therapy, you’ll revisit two or three events in your past that are at the root of the problem or issue you’ve brought to therapy.

By making connections between the past and the present, you will gain knowledge and understanding and, while you’re in a state of hypnosis, I’ll make some powerful and positive suggestions to direct your subconscious to resolve the problem or issue.

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Past-Life Therapy

Past-Life Therapy is a form of Regression Therapy, but rather than reviewing scenes involving your younger self, you are guided into the past, before you were born, before you were you.

The lessons learned from other lives you may have lived can be applied to your present experience, to help you to better understand and resolve the problems and issues you have brought with you to therapy.

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While in the hypnotic state, you are highly suggestible and receptive to positive, personal and explicit instructions given to your subconsious to help you resolve the problems and issues that you have brought to therapy.

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