Upsetting events, even when they’re not particularly traumatic, can often have a lasting impact. Sometimes we know exactly the event that caused us, for example, to be afraid of dogs. But sometimes the causal event is unknown. It’s not uncommon for people to struggle with repeating patterns of thinking and behaviours that can cause problems with relationships, weight issues, addictions and other symptoms that they just can’t explain. If you’ve ever said, “I don’t know why I do this/feel like this/act this way”, then Regression Therapy might make sense for you. In Regression Therapy, upsetting events in the past which are the root, the reason, the very cause of these issues can be discovered and resolved.

Typically, hypnosis is used to put you in a relaxed state that allows you to access memories you usually aren't aware of. However, if you feel anxious about being hypnotised, then I can offer other approaches, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, or MBIR (Mindfulness-Based Inner Repatterning), which are also effective.

You might learn about things that happened to you when you were very young, in some cases that happened before any of your conscious memories. The goal is to review these memories, not to relive them, but to bring them to your conscious mind where you can deal with them purposefully. It's important, after rediscovering a memory, that you understand its importance to you, how it has affected your life, how it caused you to feel about yourself, those involved in the event, and the world in general. You can then apply this new understanding to current feelings, conflicts, and behaviours.

Once you are aware of a memory or scene in your mind’s eye, I’ll help you begin to put the memory in perspective. You might initially have the same feelings as you did when it first happened. If what you're remembering is an incident of abuse or violence, you may become upset and agitated. It’s important that you know you are safe and that you can trust that I am a fully qualified psychotherapist and, before I guide you back to awareness of your surroundings, I’ll help your younger self deal with the problem, using proven techniques and protocols that will free you to feel differently about your experiences now, seen through your adult eyes. You’ll find that you come to feel compassion for the younger person you were when the event happened and you’re in the perfect position to finally heal the hurt still felt by your inner-child.

At Regression Therapies, you will always receive personalised hypnotherapy to complete the session. While you’re in the hypnotic state, you are highly suggestible and receptive to powerful suggestions that will direct your subconscious to bring about the change you want. You’ll receive a recording of this part of your session, which you can listen to as often as you like, to repeat, reinforce and consolidate the change and make it permanent.

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